What is is a cloud-based storage service. We offer you storage space online so that your data is on hand for you at all times.

Do I have to pay for

No, is completely free for use.

How can I access

You can access OBOOM over your browser as well as through various apps on all current devices.

Is there an API for developers?

Yes, we offer developers the possibility to use in their own projects. The API can be found under

Do I have to pay for

No, is completely free for use.

Do I have to install something?

No, you can use without any installation, only a browser is needed.

How do I use my data on my account?

In this case, you have several options: The easiest one is to directly upload and manage your data in your browser! However, you can also use Remote Upload, FTP and apps for all current mobile devices.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

Naturally, you can recover your password. To do so, you only need access to your specified e-mail account. LINK

Can I restart cancelled downloads?

If you uploaded the file or are in the possession of an upgrade, you are able to continue cancelled downloads.

What kind of data can I store on

You can store all kinds of data as long as they don’t infringe on our terms of service or established law.

Can other users view my data?

As long as you do not link your data publicly, no other users have access to the data you provided.

My account has been compromised, what can I do?

Please refer to our support team for further information regarding this matter.