Premium features

We offer two types of accounts which users can use. In fact, there are some different between both of them.

High speed downloads

Premium can provide the experience that you had never gone through, there’s no sort of rate confinements in records. As a consequence, you can enjoy your spare time doing something else as opposed to waiting for moderate pace downloads. Premium user can get the good speed in order to free yourself and say “NO” with the download speed which is always around 50 KB/s or even less than speed

Unlimited parallel downloads

One important thing that you need to know, the premium user no needs to wait one second before download. If a free user, I’m afraid you have to wait 30 seconds. 30 seconds can do other more useful things for a person. Everyone should know “Time is Money.” By the way, if restriction between downloads often make you unhappy? When download a last movie, the trial time is up, “what’s the hell?” that will be your first action. Many people have this problem in common. At that time, premium users could laugh at you, because they think you are foolish, you don’t know the theory as we’ve mentioned just now.parallel download

No daily limit on downloads

It will offer you when your premium record is redesigned on us that it’s not necessary to hold up for a special after downloading every last one you make. 2 GB is very little for download traffic of your needs? Or even no more than 2 GB? Users for free can not experience the unique service which offers unlimited download traffic monthly to premium user.

No download captcha

it needs you to write for each download you make assuming you are a premium part with us. You can’t feel disappointed and irritated with that any more. It’s really handy, isn’t it? Perhaps, download captcha is not the most boring thing for you. When opening up the panel, the advertisements would appear in front of your eyes. Every time you see it and cannot close it no matter which way you think and use.

One-click download

That is enormous and to focus as it can free your time, determine and exertion you get the most necessity, compared with clients who are free.

No download timeout

This will occur making the assumption that you are premium part which is actually incredible and also make your venture 100% worth.

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